Sexting Gone Wild on New Year’s Eve

There is nothing worse than an absentee lover. Nothing! No toy will do. Self-gratification does not help. Not even a substitute lover will suffice to replace the one that sets your loins on fire. The one that is fierce in your dreams and deep in your guts. You need him.

My lover left me for New Year’s Eve. Oh shut your mouth. I don’t want to hear, “If he were really your lover he would have been there with you”. No more judgment this year. We just met ok? Like a week ago, his plans were already set. And no, unfortunately he isn’t officially my lover yet because we were just getting to know each other and then he freaking left.

So here we are, New Year’s Eve, and my dream lover is hundreds of miles away. What do you do? Lucky for you I’m in a sharing mood. So the texts go as follows:

Him: Gigi, how are you? London is a great city and I’m having a fantastic time. Still, I’m thinking of you a lot: your smile, your humor, your swagger, the way your thighs felt when I was touching them. We barely know each other. But I do know that I want more of you.

Me: Hi you. My body is still reacting to your touch. It seems you’ve begun to leave a slight imprint upon me. Meeting each other was a cool way to end the year. And there’s so much more to come, maybe…you keep me blushing and smiling a naughty smile and only I know why. Come back. And erase maybe.

Him: Meeting you was my personal highlight of 2017 – and I was having a pretty great year. My fingers are still burning from touching you and they are longing for more. We are pretty amazing, live in an awesome city and have built a ground foundation. Let’s erase maybe, my dear.

Me: Well aren’t you a smooth talker? Would you per chance give me a sneak peak into the look of an erased maybe? The feel of it? Where more than just your fingers are on fire. Truth is, it would be your complete combustion. Tell me sir…

Him: Smooth talker? Maybe. Smooth operator? Certainly. I just can’t get the thought of you wearing a tight dress out of my head. Completely hugging your body and just making my mind race. I would kiss you. On your mouth. On your neck. Everywhere. Just ever so slightly caressing you. Making you want me to take you. I would take off your dress and throw you onto my bed…I have many more things in mind. If you want to know more, let me know, my dear.

Me: How can I trust a smooth operator to be my lover? You are telling me to expect devastation. To walk up behind me and kiss me on my neck, would be the beginning of the end of me. To make me want you to take me, would be the simultaneous victory and small death of us both. As a writer, a woman, a red hot blooded lover, I eagerly desire, with my body and mind, to know more. So yes. Tell me more…

Him: So, I think we’ve established that we like each other – and are curious to find out more. I would use my powers with you only for the good. Don’t worry, but we should trust each other. You have been totally honest with me and I can only be honest and a gentleman with you.  To your point: my dear, I would worship your sexy body until the both of us could hardly take it any longer. You wet, me hard. But it won’t be that easy. I would tease you. We would tease each other. I would kiss you, grab you and want you. I would go down on you slowly. Kiss you where you want to be kissed. Then I would grab your panties…to be continued on your demand.

Me: I am in a painful state of throbbing and yearning. The idea of no imminent release is driving me mad. You’ve been a gentleman with others, as you were breaking their heart. Trust isn’t my thing. But ok. Please continue. Something amazing is happening currently. As I’ve said, pain is pleasure. You grab my panties and leave me in agony, or release me? You twist my body like the Exorcist? I want to surrender…tell me darling. What next? And I never want it easy. Me wet. You hard. What a delicious beginning.

Him: I am at a party in London at the moment – but the only thing on my mind is how I would pull down your panties and pin your arms behind your head. Leaving you in a state of surrender and ecstasy. You wanting me to take you. And I will – but not right away. I spread your legs and I kiss you around your most private part. You are moist, you are wet, you are steaming. My tongue is roaming around your pussy. Kissing your skin that is so soft and sensitive. Blowing your pussy, making you buck. Licking it – once and wait. Then a second time. Wait. Then a third time and go all in on you. Just go wild with my tongue on you. Hold back your lips to reach you the way you want to be reached. You go wild. You want more. I insert one finger in your steaming channel. I put in a second one. I lick you and my fingers go in and out of you and you cannot take it anymore….that’s it for tonight, my dear. I’m thinking of you. I long for you. I will make the words I have written come true.

Me: Eff you. Eff your party. Eff me…if you erase the maybe. Even if you fuck a girl tonight. You’ll be thinking about me. And she will be nothing. Happy new year darling.

Him: You could not be more correct. Happy new year to you, babe.

Me: But don’t. I want to be the first one to ride you this year. She can suck your dick. I don’t care. You will be. You are special. No further words necessary.

So after all of this madness, I send the last long juicy pussy-licking me bucking text to bestie Scarlet with the follow-up text: “Happy new year bitch. My love. Yeah, you know who that message was from. My pussy is throbbing. Good night.”

Her response: “Fuck bitch. I was like excuse me…..! Well well well. Told you. Lover is the way to go!!! Happy new year my love.”

Me: Not yet. But he is working on it. At least he stimulates my fantasies and it leads to great posts.

Her: Omg just fuck him already.

Me: I’ll fuck you first.

Her: It will be a fun 2018 for you dear.

Me: Agreed.

Do you think that means she’ll let me do her?


Author: Gigi

Gigi is a financial wiz dominating the corporate world by day and a naughty girl dating in one of the world's greatest cities by night. Enjoy as she brings you along for a wild ride through the Pink Room.