5 rules for a happy marriage from my mom

  1. Marry some who loves you more than you love them

Simple yet difficult. You need to leave part of your heart out of the equation; you need to hold something back – not always so easy when you’re being licked like a lollypop on a daily basis.
Stop being romantic. Live in reality – passion fades and in the end, I want someone to get up and make me my smoothie in the morning with a positive attitude.

Forget the bad boy with the six-pack – you can fuck him but DO NOT marry him.

  1. Treat them mean, keep them keen

Stop being so nice. Nice is boring, nice is not a challenge.
Nice is easy to take for granted and to take advantage of.
You want him to stay interested. Make sure there is always a little bit of uncertainty.
“Nice girls” end up being “Nice wives” that feel guilty about being choked in bed and that get left with the kids, the bills and all the responsibility while the mistress gets the holidays/gifts/attention/dinners out and hot sweaty sex (which, mind you, she doesn’t feel dirty about). Stop being so goddam nice.

  1. In public you’re a lady, in private you’re a whore

You should always be elegant in public, he should be ever so proud to have you on his arm. No public displays, you are not a commoner. No dressing like a stripper either.
When you get home however, it is on for young and old, that strong, elegant put together persona gives way to the vulnerable sex kitten that he WANTS and NEEDS and WORSHIPS.
Girl, you be getting on your knees, floating around naked in the bed, oiling yourself up with lube – you get the idea.

  1. Don’t be too available

Que – THE CHASE. Let him chase. SOOOO important.
If you don’t let him chase he won’t appreciate the prize at the end.
Everyone wants what they cannot have. This is fact.
Plus you can be lazy, I mean you don’t even need to do anything.

  1. Demand, expect and have goals

So you’ve trapped him, achieve boyfriend status or are married. Now what?
Ladies, there is still room for improvement.
Are you living the life you want?
Are you living at full potential?
Is this partnership creating an empire?

Go read some self-help books and never stop learning. It’s not over!
Love is a battlefield.

The End.


Author: Scarlett

Scarlett is naughty by nature! She brings to life the ultimate girlfriend experience and loves to overshare. Behind the refined and polished exterior is one wild girl looking for love and life with just the right amount of crazy.