Somewhere between champagne cocktail 3 and 7, I agreed to edit and contribute to this insanity, but what can I say, it becomes me.

I am a “proper lady”, wife and mama.

I am so proud that this team of amazing women is taking the time and energy to share some of their reality with us.

Raising a generation of boss chicks is seriously hard work!

Personally, I have struggled all my life with fitting into any corporate world, not to mention having a difficult time living though the normal life milestones of being a wife and mother.

I am STILL firmly working on both, sometimes failing but always giving it my best.

Some of our amazing writers have no limits but we the editors are here to make it a little less threatening to all those who blush at the word fanny, just like I do!

My favorite things in life are my family, my husband and amazing shoes. The “love of my life” position however is strictly reserved for my daughter. I never knew I was capable of something so amazing.

She is my legacy, she is firmly the reason I live.

I tell her she can take over the world all the time. Because she can.

You inspire us ladies. All of this we do for you.