My entire life is dedicated to two things:

1. Raise amazeballs superstar children

2. Raise a nation of boss chicks. Ladies that rock!

How did I get here? I was born this way. Ever since I was a little girl I felt the need for a more confident breed of woman. Our strength and divinity is clear, we just need to believe it. Hold My Lipstick is the culmination of everything that is woman. We are bosses. In the boardroom and in the bedroom. Facts. Women are superheroes, strong, smart, powerful and magical. I love us.

I am a scientist and a motivational speaker. All I do is empower girls and women to think big, take a big piece of the pie, and boss up. I believe in absolutely no limits, and I am totally irreverent. Try to tell me “no” and I will literally laugh in your face then take what I came for. You see, the “asking” was just a formality. That’s how I want every woman to think!

Being in this position as an Editor-in-Chief of the Hold My Lipstick team is truly an honor. Our outrageous writers have entrusted me with a treasure. Their stories are every woman’s story. It’s their life that they bring to our lives each and every day, and they trust me to “edit” it, and present it to the world. This does not always go down without a battle, but someone has to draw the line somewhere. Now for those of you who do know me, you know that my line is far and wide away from any norm, so that helps our crazies to feel quite at home and free to create.

My role as Editor-in-Chief is to put the final touches on the writing to achieve some level of uniformity within the Hold My Lipstick brand. These stories belong to the writers, and I have to say, they are awesome.

I love my family. I love my life. It all drives me crazy and that’s just perfect.

You have something to say to me? Please do! I love to hear from you. Even the trolls, because the truth is, on any given day I have a lot of rage inside of me that I need to let out.