Think Audrey Hepburn wearing pink neon hot pants, 5-year-old mascara and flash dancing like no one is watching = Ms Scarlett.

I am the part of you that you wish you could sometimes let out, that part you sometimes feel ashamed is there. I am the only one who actually says the things that you wished you had the courage to say. OUT LOUD.

Scarlett is that part of you that comes out in those moments just before you fall asleep, after a few to many drinks, too many pills or too many sleepless nights.

That private, naked, sweaty, dirty girl who comes hard (even though she would never ever admit it). I am that insane part of you that loves your inner weirdo – because it’s beautiful – just like you.

What I am not – I am never “proper”.

That is the beauty, the unadulterated charm of being Scarlett.

What I know for sure is that the experiences I have had, although sometimes/often/usually extreme, fundamentally share a place or time most of us have once been.

No regrets, no judgement.

I am the whore, the professional, the little girl, the woman. Tell them to hold your lipstick whilst you and I take over the world. This is not a welcome, you chose to come here.

Have a great time!

Oh and make sure you have a chilled drink in your hand when entering the world of Gigi.

You’re going to need it.

Love always,