Smart Girls are the Best in Bed – Here’s Why

Smart girls beat porn stars anyday in the seduction battle. Any dummy can imitate the girl in the porn movies. Get nasty, stick your tongue out, twerk, choke and gag. Clearly such antics will have a guy’s eyeballs rolling in ecstasy. This raw animalistic carnal act is what we are born to do. Well maybe not all of those things, but nature built us to get turned on and copulate to reproduce and fill this earth with offspring. So yes, choking and gagging can get the party started right.

But the ultimate power lies in the ability to twist a man’s brain and enrapture him, without even touching him or showing your body. That is the skill of a smart girl. She can blow a man’s mind and make him her bitch, completely powerless.

You try bringing a man to ecstasy with conversation alone. This works because the brain is sadly underused, and the most action it sees daily is while you work your boring job or chase down a cab. The brain is bored! When you present your brain with a challenge, an adventure, intrigue, that’s when it explodes with excitement. Imagine a Chihuahua on cocaine. You’ll never see a happier dog!

Men are the Chihuahuas, smart girls are the cocaine. I don’t mean just book smart, you have to be able to apply your mind to the seduction. Some of the sexiest women you know are smart.

Beyoncé – hot girl, not just because she gyrates half naked, but because she is the boss of her empire, the buck really does stop with her in planning and executing every detail of her performances. It takes brains to produce that much hotness. See how she slayed in Lemonade?

Kate Winslow in the movie Carnage – There is nothing sexual or even intimate about this movie. But I was watching with my boyfriend, and in a scene where Kate was just talking like a boss, my boyfriend burst out “she is so fucking sexy”. Now there were a lot of words I would have imagined being at the end of that sentence, but sexy was NOT one of them. I was like “what?” He couldn’t even explain it, nor did he try. She just hit that nerve, in her black suit with her hair pinned up. With her words, her style, her swag. That’s what men want!

I remember an internship I had in college, when one day the boss started acting very strange. I sat at a desk in his office. He suddenly jumped up, came over to me and started massaging my shoulders. Awkward anyone? Then he burst out “I have to tell you something, but I want you to know, no matter what, nothing will change”. Then he professed his “like” for me. Stunned. But there it was. The man who had never seen me in anything other than a sweater and jeans, and I don’t even have tig ol’ bitties popping out through the fabric. Nope, just my B minuses. All he had ever seen of me was my brain, my beautiful mind. That shit made him weak! And he wanted it.

smart girl in bed
Gigi being naughty

So you can play monkey see monkey do with the girls on the tube and watch a man do what a man can do in his sleep. Or, get with the smart girls, boss up and work that mind on him if you really want to go for the big kill. Let him see you WORK, THINK! And yeah, learn how to drop it like it’s hot and pop that pum pum too, for extra credit!

Are you team smart girl or team porn star? Tell me!



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Author: Gigi

Gigi is a financial wiz dominating the corporate world by day and a naughty girl dating in one of the world's greatest cities by night. Enjoy as she brings you along for a wild ride through the Pink Room.

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