Find the One or Die Cheating

How do you know if you have met the one?

Simply said, if you are asking yourself the question “is he the one” he is NOT the one. Sorry.

Past common advice – I do not agree with:

1. I can’t live without him

2. We laugh at each other’s jokes

3. He completes me

I can’t live without him

Is he a tampon? Chocolate? MAC lipgloss? Reconsider this statement please!

You certainly can and could live without him, just don’t want to be alone. That’s alright, but that does not make him the one.

This says so much more about the individual than it does about you both as a couple, this creates incredible dependency, signals an inherent fear of being alone or not meeting anyone better. Reflect and be honest. You’ll change your mind 9/10 times, because I’m RIGHT!

What is so wrong with your own company that you could not live without him? I mean live??!

Let’s not get all Sophie’s Choice here but I am pretty sure I would send my boyfriend/husband/soul mate under a train or into the path of the flesh eating zombie if it meant saving one of my children, or on a bad day even the dog. She’s so loyal!

We laugh at each other’s jokes

Really? Low standard. You should for sure find your company interesting, but do we need to have this “sense of humor’” discussion again? I mean you laugh so hard that juice comes out of your nose (which hurts), but then he can’t get it up – tell me, are you still laughing?

If you like all the same things – this is fundamentally long term boring.

Who is going to challenge you? Who is going to teach you new kinky shit?

There is simply more truth in opposites attract. Why? Because these couples are not bored out of their minds.

Boredom – this is the main killer of relationships. Why do you cheat? Because you are bored. Why do you create drama? Boredom.  Why do you get an idiot dog who pisses everywhere and makes you fight because said dog likes you better than him – Yup, you guessed it – Boredom.

How many times have you been in this position, you have stopped trying, stopped being challenged and started getting bored. Really, did you notice that was when your head turned Exorcist-style, at the hot model with the tight arse walking past?

He completes me

Fucking just shoot me. Were you a half-empty shell of nothingness before he and his penis came along?

This I believe, is the same kind of woman who uses “because I love him” to excuse everything.

This is not a post telling you, you have to love yourself to find love; this is not me telling you, you are never going to be lonely – because you most probably are if you are a long term single. What I am saying is that the person by your side should lift you up, not complete you – because you are already whole. This person should not simply make you laugh – because this is just a nice and an essentially trivial quality.

Aim higher. Don’t ask if he is the one, because that does not mean shit. Instead, ask yourself:

Is this as good as it gets?
Is this enough for me?

If the answer is probably and yes, in that order, then he is probably the one.

Oh, and the sex had better be good enough, or you might in fact have to die cheating after all.




Author: Scarlett

Scarlett is naughty by nature! She brings to life the ultimate girlfriend experience and loves to overshare. Behind the refined and polished exterior is one wild girl looking for love and life with just the right amount of crazy.