Confessions of a Butt-Man’s Lover

I admit it, I am not the most innovative woman in the world. For this, I tend to attract people who naturally innovate and introduce me to new things. I love to learn in this particular way. I love to be f***ked in this way.

It is not that I lack imagination, but still I often end up mouth open, semi shocked glazed eyes, thinking, “I NEVER would have thought of that”.

Introducing the back door.

Who knew this exceptionally neglected yet fundamentally important area of your body could also be the epicenter of such pleasure! I did not. Then someone showed me. He’s a butt man.

Butt man is the most relaxed man I know. He sees sex as a fun activity that should be done as often as possible simply because it feels good. Plus, he is obsessed with my butt.

This man knows that sex is dirty and that the bedsheets will suffer – but he could not care less, and doesn’t want you to care either. He wants you to want him, he wants you to have your world rocked, he wants to be the one rocking your world – because it’s his job and he is a bar-raiser in his particular profession. Like exceptionally good. Like earth shattering good.

So how? Well, he will take you to new heights. He will show you what it means to be a butt man.

Listen, if you’re scared or if it hurts then you are not doing it right. It’s about trust and talking to each other. If you don’t have that, then you are in bed with the wrong person.

You need to get comfortable to try what I am about to describe below. Try not to blush whilst reading it.

You’re going to lick me where?

We had not even been together long – but this was still happening. Unless you are seriously confident I don’t think this type of activity happens outside of a relationship. But if you are confident enough to do it with Saturday night’s tinder swipe, I wanna hear from you! Because you are my hero.

Enough stalling, so there I am getting my grove on with lover boy, excited that he had just trimmed his beard and thinking, since I just had a wax I really needed to get some lovin… so I had a shower, walked into the living room, and dropped my towel. Boy looked up from his computer screen. No words needed be exchanged – I turned and walked out of the room, direction bedroom. He tripped over his own erection to get up off that couch and down the hall.

I fell back onto the bed, ignoring the inner voice of my mother telling me, “you’ll crease the sheets”, and lay on top of all the sheets and all the duvets. My naked and still damp body ready to be worshiped.

His arrival in the bedroom set a new world record for the 50m sprint, and somehow he even managed to lose literally ever piece of clothing he was wearing on the way – this from a man who takes a week to take out the trash.

Without hesitation he went straight for the cherry, and as I lay there, he and his trimmed facial hair kissed and licked my clean and sweet smelling cunt.

He didn’t stop there, moving south with fever and deliberation. Once he could hear my breathing become deeper and more uneven, he knew that I was beginning to relax and that it was time to push some boundaries.

Taking firm grip of my hips he stopped kissing me and flipped me over, much to the protest of my seriously needy and excited clit. I protested because I was not yet ready to engage in the main event. But that was never his intention. Oh no. I could hear the sound of appeal at what he had just placed before him, I could tell me was surveying the landscape of this favorite mountain range, because my butt 1. Ain’t small and 2. All butts looks like two milky (or chocolaty or caramely) rolling hills.

Then before I knew what was happening the survey was over and he was exploring whatever he could find – with his tongue.

The initial reaction of any “good girl” is to start to worry about regular bodily functions and whether or not said act that was currently going on is deemed “appropriate”. This my ladies was clearly hygienically risky, as well as completely at the end range of what could ever be considered “appropriate”. You know what? It felt awesome.

Here is what I was thinking as he tongued my ass:

“On my golly gosh, this has NEVER happened to me. I hope it all works out. Hey you know that he wanted to do it, so why are you worried? Clearly he assessed the risks and still decided to proceed with butt play, so just lie back and relax and enjoy the ultimate in intimacy and worship.” So that is what I did and with one hand on my clit I literally exploded all over the clean unwrinkled sheets, and it felt awesome… I climaxed lightening fast, even for me.

At that moment I knew that I would be doing it, or better yet, letting it be done again. Why had I waited so long to try it? I should definitely have been more demanding in my previous relationships.

That’s what my butt man taught me – innovation at the hands of a seasoned professional.

Did you think lover boy was done with his sessions? NEVER.

My lovies now that you are feeling warm down there, get home and show him what you want and how you want it.

I’ll be back soon enough.

Have you ever had a butt-man? Tell me.


Author: Scarlett

Scarlett is naughty by nature! She brings to life the ultimate girlfriend experience and loves to overshare. Behind the refined and polished exterior is one wild girl looking for love and life with just the right amount of crazy.