When Dirty Talk Goes Too Far – And You Love It

I love dirty talk. There is nothing that adds more fuel to the fire during foreplay and sex than some wicked filth sliding out of my lover’s lips. But before you get too excited you should know that I have high standards. No rules, but you have to be sure and sexy for it to work, otherwise I might just end up laughing and that’s not good for anybody. But give me a man who takes control and tells me where to put my, how to work my, and how to do my…well, I just have two words to say, “yes dada”. Really sorry for any of you who call your actual father that, I don’t so it’s all good.

So now you’re a big girl right? Ready to take on a lover who talks the talk. You are in the zone, touching and teasing, taking it and taking it beautifully. He takes you standing up, then he pulls you down, he penetrates you, and flips you over. Now you’re upside down. He’s in front of you, he’s behind you, you don’t know  if you are out of breath or having a heart attack, he is all over you, and you love it. Then he says,

“Get on your knees and let me fuck you like a dog!”

What do you do? Time stands still. You feel your face burn with…is that shame? In your mind you gulp and whisper to yourself, “What? Excuse me?”. You’re really a big girl now. Whatchya gonna do? I left my big girl panties right there on the ceiling fan, got on my knees, and let him fuck me like a dog. Yaaaasss!

This one shocked me. I’ve had a few smooth talkers in my boudoir, with velvet lyrics that could make a girl quiver years later just thinking about what they would say to me while or just before pulling me on for a ride. This was different. It was nasty. It was rude, and it was even a bit weird. Who says that!? He was French, so maybe it was a language thing? The most disturbing part, was that I liked it. A lot.

If you chose to obey the foreigner and get into position as I did, a few things would probably run through your mind:

  1. Are you the dog here?

This was my first thought. I couldn’t help but think that if I were the dog in his mind then maybe this was not at all ok, and I should go home. I thought this, he stroked, I thoug…, he stroked, I…, he stroked. Well, you get the picture. I was all in, he was all in. I couldn’t. catch. my. breath…

  1. Is he the dog?

Well now this makes sense. He means doggy-style! Well alright, let’s go Frenchie. Face down butts up that’s the way we like to f***!

  1. Should you be doing this? What about your dignity?

Girl please. Dignity left the room a long time ago, at the very latest when you were taking it while in a handstand and wheelbarrowing across the room.

I love dirty talk. I fully recommend it to turn up the heat even more for your sexcapades. Lay back and open your mind, let your lover thrill and shock you. As long as dada is working your body right, it really doesn’t matter who is the dog. And if you are disturbed because you like it when your lover goes too far with the dirty talk, no worries, just accept that you are a dirty girl just like in Fleabag. Then obey him.



Author: Gigi

Gigi is a financial wiz dominating the corporate world by day and a naughty girl dating in one of the world's greatest cities by night. Enjoy as she brings you along for a wild ride through the Pink Room.