Have Sex Like A Man – The Blueprint for Women

When a woman has sex with a man it starts with her fully liking him inside and out, talking incessantly to her friends about him, and daydreaming about that first kiss. She has it all planned out in her head, the romantic date, the interesting conversation, the electrifying first kiss, then the taking of her ladylikeness. Yeah, after all of that at the end she really just wants you to fuck her good. After that she’s hooked. All of the pre-sex mental activities increase exponentially, and if he wasn’t before, she wants him to be her man. Real talk.

Every woman wonders what it would be like to have sex like a man. It seems as if sex truly is just a physical act for men, where emotions play no role whatsoever. It starts with men hollering at you in the streets, proudly displaying their sexual interest, and ends with them doing the deed and disappearing until they want to do it again, not because they miss you or even like you that much. How?!

So how do we close this gap? I’ve thought about it long and hard…on that note…no, stay focused! I’ve realized that there is a process for having sex like a man. It takes training and mental preparation. If you master this process then you will be on your way to sexual bliss and freedom like you’ve never known before.

Step 1See men only as sexual objects

Let’s be real, they aren’t usually our favorite chat partners. If you have ever had a man you know that after 60 seconds of listening to you his eyes start to glaze over. So accept this and see them as tools for bodily pleasure. “Fuck boys” I believe is the latest term. They have tongues and penises that are so much fun to ride. Obsess about that good good ride!

When you see them in the streets holler something like “Hey baby, can I ride that?” It’ll make them feel all sexy inside and you will get all pumped up just thinking about the possibilities.

Step 2Only call him when you want sex

This is so important. To have sex like a man, you have to see men purely as sexual objects, then you realize that there is no need to hear his voice unless it is to plan where and when, or him talking filthy to you while dragging you around the house in deep penetration. If you want to have a conversation call your girlfriend, they can talk forever. But when your pum pum starts to pulsate, that’s when you call your FB.

Once you get him on the phone, get straight to the point, “I want that. Come over.” There is no need to plan here, it should be spontaneous, like in the moment you start to feel sexy, or, a few hours before you know it’s about to happen, call him and tell him to come over at that time. Sure in the beginning he might not be able to come over because you didn’t give him enough notice, but after a couple misses, you will successfully have trained him to wait for your call and to be ready whenever you want him to be.

Step 3 : Get straight to the point

Don’t waste time with chit chat, or wait for him to make a move or sweet talk you. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Grab the back of his head and stick your tongue in his mouth. Then rub your hand on his package to check how far along he is. Grind your crotch on his just the way you like it while whispering sweet erotica like “Put it in your mouth baby.” Then sit on his face and let him work work work work work work, like that Rihanna song.

Ride, gyrate, moan and groan, and when you can’t take it anymore jump off his face and onto his dick. Wrap your hands around his neck and ride that bull like you need it. Twerk, bounce, flip, spin all the way home. Cover his mouth so you don’t have to hear any foolishness which may escape it. And right before you cum, scream “I’m coming!”, and grab his hair and pull as hard as you can, if he has no hair then just place both hands over his face and press down as hard as you can. Separation is the goal, you don’t need to see his face in this moment. This is the secret to sex like a man.

Step 4: When you’re done, leave!

After you’ve climaxed, roll off of him and close your eyes for two minutes. Then jump up and go home. Or tell him he gotta go, if he’s at your place. He’ll be cool with it, he knows you are busy. Remember your manners and say “Thank you baby, that was great. You’re a real cool guy. I’ll call you ok?”

Then start back at Step 1.

There you have it. The Sex Like a Man blueprint. As with any other process, individual results may vary. Before starting this program please consult with some sort of professional. Also, engaging in this process could result in side effects including upset stomach, crying fits, unexplained sadness, rage. Or you could just feel freaking happy! Who knows?

This may not work for everyone, but we think it is a good start. You’re welcome!





Author: Gigi

Gigi is a financial wiz dominating the corporate world by day and a naughty girl dating in one of the world's greatest cities by night. Enjoy as she brings you along for a wild ride through the Pink Room.