Getting older makes sex so much better

On a shitty Wednesday, in a poor attempt to make myself feel better, on the eve of a 30 something birthday I have decided to look for positives.

I found a massive one.

Despite the slightly fuller butt and ingrained routines, sex is only getting better!

Fuller arse or not, only now am I beginning to understand what it truly means to not give a fuck.

I currently sleep with an awesome man, his arse may not be as big as mine but we certainly are in a tight competition for best “one pack”…. “tight” being a great word for our little bedroom competition. And he makes me feel better than anyone ever could in my twenties even when I had my perfect pert boobs and size 4 figure.

I have no issues telling him what i like – because I know what I like – I’ve been trying shit for years.

So that’s it, that is the secret – the wisdom. That is what was missing. That is what comes with age.

I find myself lying there wasted in total and utter glowing ecstasy thinking I should not be feeling like this. This is the dream of a much younger woman fitter and lust filled woman.

And then I say fuck that bullshit – I own this bedroom (literally I pay the mortgage) and I’m going to be queen in it.

The perfect Princess is a thing of the past, replaced by the Queen who always had the real power.

I love my graduation into this royal family of sexual fulfilment.

Let us all be queens.


Author: Scarlett

Scarlett is naughty by nature! She brings to life the ultimate girlfriend experience and loves to overshare. Behind the refined and polished exterior is one wild girl looking for love and life with just the right amount of crazy.