“You are Pure Lust and No Control”

Pure Lust at first sight.

I never believed in anything at first sight and then I saw him.

We were briefly introduced, I did not even bother to look up from my glass of wine given I was already engaged in a competing conversation. Then, at some point I looked up, this time from across the room, I caught his eye. I felt instantly weak.

If eyes could speak, if they could tell stories, his could have triggered every emotion I had ever experienced – they were on fire, even from behind the glasses, the expressive face, the soft lines around his eyes and his mouth, that one look, said more than any million words ever could.

He kept glancing over at me, to call it a glace would be to cheapen it, one cannot glance with that level of concentration. We kept locking eyes. He looked as if he wanted to consume me, with that kind of unbridled passion that one only believes exists in old Hollywood films. There it was, in real life, projected at me from a tall, spectacle clad, conservatively suited, bearded man. If there had been special effects, I do not even believe the likes of the Gatsby could not have produced enough background party scene pyrotechnical material to do this level of chemistry justice.

I knew that I needed to know this man.

The circumstances were not exactly ideal, yet since when had that ever been relevant?

If he could make me weak with just one look, what could he do if I actually knew him? The temptation was intolerable.

I circled and made an approach, whereby I would usually wait for the exact opposite. We spoke about something, I have no idea what, I didn’t care at that moment, I just wanted to look at him, to breathe him in, like some kind of instinct led lioness who had finally found her alpha breeding male.

The need, the desire, it was breathtaking.

He put it perfectly when he told me later, “I see in you an incredible amount of lust and so little control”.

Who knew there was someone out there who could bring me to my knees with just one look?

I found him.

And lacked all control, he was right.



Author: Scarlett

Scarlett is naughty by nature! She brings to life the ultimate girlfriend experience and loves to overshare. Behind the refined and polished exterior is one wild girl looking for love and life with just the right amount of crazy.